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Military Wife Funny Survival Kit

Military Wife Funny Survival Kit

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Military life isn’t always easy and we need to appreciate the positive aspects of it by embracing the lessons we’ve learned and the friends we are making along the way.

Our fun Military Wife survival kit is armed with metaphorical reminders arranged in an amusing order to help her survive a deployment or just life in general.

Military Wife Survival Kit with a Sense of Humor

Sometimes, especially during the hard times of deployments, there are days when we feel our biggest accomplishment is just making it through, surviving another day.
This Military Wife Survival Kit is a fun way to lift their spirits, and with the humorous keepsake instruction card, it will remind them how important they are!


    • A paperclip to help them keep it together
    • Rubber band to remind them to be flexible
    • Waterproof matches to keep their light from going on
    • Hershey kisses to remind them of their sweet kiss
    • 5-hour energy shot for days when they don't have any
    • Crayon to keep their days bright and colorful
    • Lemonheads for when life throws them lemons they can make it sweet
    • Extra Gum to give them something extra to look forward too
    • Laffy Taffy lets them know that laughter is good for the soul
    • Tissues to wipe the tears
    • Lollipop so they know they can lick their problems
    • A balloon to celebrate their return

All the items and instruction card is arranged in a reusable muslin bag with a red cross tag symbolizing their survival.

Don't forget to add a personal message or custom gift tag at checkout so they know how important they are.

Bag stands 6 inches tall and has a cinch on the top to keep the items together.

Happy Wife...Happy Life!

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