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Kick Menopause with this Funny Survival Kit | Hilarious Birthday or Gag Gift

Kick Menopause with this Funny Survival Kit | Hilarious Birthday or Gag Gift

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Kick Menopause with this amusing survival kit pre-loaded with hilarious items in a keepsake muslin bag. 

This Survival Kit is a great gift for women because sooner or later, every woman is going to need one!

With an assortment of metaphoric reminders, tasty treats to snack on, and Emoji fan, They'll get a kick out of using it.

Funny survival kit to Kick Menopause in the tush!

Get them through this time in their life with the humor and hope tied up in this goody bag!

They'll get a kick out of the hand-cranked fan pop - especially when they find themselves actually using it.

Give it as a gift or get it for yourself! Just customize the gift tag and we'll ship it right to your door!

The instruction card explains the symbolic use of each item such as:
    • Headache Relief - To ward off migraines
    • Tissues - To wipe your tears
    • Chocolate - Chocolate doesn't ask questions, chocolate understands
    • Extra Polar Ice Gum - Ward off the heat wave
    • Fan - For some blessed relief
    • Starbursts - A little sweetness to calm those bursting emotions.
    • Tweezers - For the hair woes
    • Laffy Taffy - To remind you that life is always better with a sense of humor
    • Lip Balm - Keep those lips happy
    • Tea Sachets - To give you energy when you are tired and to soothe you when you feel depressed
    • Paperclip - To help you keep it together
    • Lollipop - To remind you that you can always lick life's problems
    • Snack Bar - For health On the Go snacking
    • Muslin Bag - To keep special things in once you are feeling better
No assembly required. 
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