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Oracle of Ancients Spa & Candle Set in Book Box

Oracle of Ancients Spa & Candle Set in Book Box

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Consult the cards and you'll see the best gift to send is this Oracle of Ancients Spa & Candle Set in Book Box.

This fun Tarot themed gift box is a great option for those who have a bit of stress from what their fortune holds and could use a unique way to relax.

Each gift box includes two affirmation candles, bath tea in a "potion" bottle and a box of matches to light the candle as you relax.

The bath tea is made using lavender oil and lavender flowers for the ultimate combination of relaxation and comfort.

The candles and bath tea are arranged in a fun box themed gift box that you can use to store more supplies for relaxation after the original bath tea is used up.

An affirmation candle is a candle with a message specifically designed to support positive thoughts, encouragement, and intentions. It combines the symbolic power of a candle's flame and the practice of affirmations to improve your focus, set intentions and complement a manifestation practice.

The handmade candles in this gift box were made with the following affirmations: Love, Peace, Joy, Faith and Health. The candles were anointed with almond oil, dressed with dried rose and lavender flower and infused with chamomile essential oil.

Send this gift box today to family, friends or anyone that could use a little bit of relaxation.

Each gift box is wrapped in plastic and secured with a bow to protect the contents during shipping.

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