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Student Survival Kit | Humorous Gag Gift | Back to School | Finals Week | Care Package

Student Survival Kit | Humorous Gag Gift | Back to School | Finals Week | Care Package

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Looking to send your student a gift that is as fun and unique as they are? 

Our student survival kit is as entertaining as it is motivational with each item representing something important about making it through the stressful times of school.

Each item in this gift is represented with a clever saying on the instruction sheet. It's sure to please those who are witty.

Instructions on what each item represents:

    • The Safety Pin is to keep you safe
    • A Latex Balloon to remind you celebrating graduation day is not too far away
    • Crayon to keep your future colorful
    • Pop Rocks to remind yourself, you can ROCK what you put your mind to.
    • Paperclip to help you hold things together
    • Rubber Band to remind you to be flexible
    • 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Shot for late night cramming
    • Laffy Taffy for a good laugh when you need it most.
    • Tissue Packet for inevitable tears
    • Mega Smartie Lollipop to remind you that you're a smarty
    • Laser Pop allows you to goof off a little bit
    • Gum to help you stick it out

    Getting a package full of funny and useful things when they need it most can be a great feeling.

    Sometimes students can get homesick while away at college, and funny survival kits can cheer them up.

    There's nothing like getting a gift from home to lift their spirits and remind them that you are thinking of them.

    Perfect for first-year students, undergrads, apprentice, high school seniors, gift from teacher or to send to your friends.

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