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Tooth Fairy Learner Kit for Boys

Tooth Fairy Learner Kit for Boys

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A growing kid faces a lot of changes including losing teeth. Help them know what to expect in style with our Tooth Fairy Learner Kit for Boys.

This fun learners kit is the perfect way to help a kid understand the ins and outs of getting their first new tooth, dealing with the Tooth Fairy and the importance of taking good care of their teeth.

Inside the keepsake muslin bag you'll find a handcrafted felt dinosaur tooth holder for their first lost tooth which can be hung from a bed post or door knob. We've also included a small tooth chest for his tooth. The kit also includes a hero mask to help remind him how special he is as he experiences this big change. We've also included a certificate to help mark the occasion after the tooth fairy's first visit.

Each kit also comes with floss sticks, a toothbrushing kit and tooth paste to help them get a jump start on good oral hygiene.

This fun kit makes a great gift for your kids or grandkids. Pick one up today and be ready for the tooth fairy's first visit whenever it may come.
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